Dr. Moti Yahav

Doctor Moti Yahav is a New York state licensed acupuncturist & National board-certified herbalist. He specializes in Western and Eastern nutrition, Tui-Na/Acupressure, pain-management and rehabilitation, emotional conditions, stress, sleep, digestion, vertigo, ear/nose/throat, headaches, acid-reflux, women’s health, and infertility.

Dr. Yahav graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Doctorate in

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

During his studies, he held an apprenticeship for the renowned Master Fukui Yang for over four

years, and has taught and tutored Massage Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) to students at Pacific College of Health and Science.

Additionally, Dr. Yahav is a New York state licensed Massage Therapist, Nationally

certified personal trainer, and a licensed youth-soccer coach. His Bachelor’s degree was in

exercise science, and has worked one-on-one and in groups personal training and teaching

movement therapy, physics and kinesiology. He has a passion for his family & friends, nature, animals, sports, science, learning, laughter and helping others.