Brian C. Munoz CPT, Group Fitness Instructor, Mindset Coach

Mindfulness in Motion is the core principle for Coach Brian. Starting his Coaching career with Equinox, 63rd and Lexington Location NYC, back in 2012, he worked one on one with individuals to help them change their lives, physiques, and mental wellbeing.

He moved to Pennsylvania for an opportunity to Coach at the N.A.C (Newtown Athletic Club) where he trained side by side and coached with professional athletes. At the N.A.C is where he began his small group training, leading into larger group settings. Training clients in Boxing/ Tae Kwon Do techniques led him to become a lead trainer at the N.A.C.

The Opportunity at the N.A.C guided him to his love for large group instructing. One of His former clients is friends with the current owner of Orangetheory Fitness Princeton NJ, which Brian has been their former Head Coach/ Senior Lead Coach for about 5 years coaching nearly or possibly over 5,000 classes.

Ace(American Council on Exercise)/NCSF certified (National Council of Strength and Fitness), Master Life Coach certified, Coach Brian is excited to help others in the best way he knows how, by being a part of their lives and leading by example.